Keep Tigger's newspaper going
As you all know (or may not know if you are a new reader) I am not a professional writer, repawter or newshound.

I actually started my website as a bit of a personal blog. It was not long before visitors were asking if I could add onto my blog and before long different sections were being added and my newspaper was being launched in August 2017.
In August this year it will be my 4th year of publishing my newspaper and 6th year of my website.
It has been great for me to see everyone enjoy my website and newspaper and to be honest it has been really enjoyable for me to research things to write about.

Anyone that has ever tried to write a newspaper or even a document, will appreciate how hard it is to write a newspaper every month. Even just trying to think of things to write can be challenging BOL! So I have decided to write an article about getting more article ideas, along with other ideas for content.

Things I am sniffing around for future newspapers and my website:

- Businesses to interview and feature.

- Animals and possibly some famous humans to interview.

- Topics to write about and if you would like to see regular features.

- Announcements and events which I give shout outs throughout social media too

- Repawters that can write about news, businesses, places to visit and news in their area. - Animals with careers. Do you have a job you would love to tell everyone about?

- I am still looking for a gardener for my gardening section.

- If there are any authors or publishers that would like to have their books featured in my bookshelf section

- Comments and questions for my new Letters page.

- Possible new products to add to the range on my website shop. Although they must be in the UK, tested by myself before being approved.

- Any other ideas you would like to see in my newspaper or on my website.

This is where you come in Pals.
If you are interested in helping in any of the above ways please contact me


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