Tigger Investigates... Grass covered mounds

If you are ever out on your daily adventures make sure you do not find any grass covered mounds.
Although they look innocent there are hidden dangers to consider.

The mounds in question are not really high but are high enough to have to slightly jump up on but not wide enough on the top to fit all four paws. Once you have identified the mound in question please be very careful. Especially if you are wearing a thick quilted coat which could restrict movement. You may sniff , look and stare at them but approach and climb on them with caution.

Do NOT under any circumstances try to balance on top of the mound and try to send a weemail !! This quite possibly could result in a very unfortunate, and embarrassing series of events where you could lose your balance, tumble off the mound and end up stuck on your back in your thick coat doing a fine impression of some sort of ornate fountain.

This can be even more embarrassing if at the same time there happens to be a crowd of dogs walking past with their humans!
So in order to spare your blushes and maintain some sort of dignity please be careful when you are out and about and come across any innocent looking grass covered mounds.

Stay safe out there pals.

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