Dogs left in hot cars - Netherlands - Translated
Translated by me, so apologies for any translation mistakes.

Warm weather and dogs
Why is hot weather dangerous for dogs ?

Dogs can find it more dirfficult to lose their heat than humans . They have only their feet and panting to get rid of excess heat.
Overheating is possible and it can happen faster than people think. An overheated dog is fortunately easy to recognize, but the owner must think . By paying close attention to the dog and quick to recognize the first symptoms (very hard panting, drooling, become lethargic ) and to act accordingly to prevent tragedies.

How many accidents happen with dogs ?
Unfortunately every year accidents happen by dogs overheating.
The year 2010 was a bad year , frequently appeared in the press about the car dogs that were abandoned and deceased by overheating.

What happens in case of overheating ?
The normal body temperature for dogs is between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius. An overheated dog becomes lethargic and his movements are slower. He may even refuse to get up. The body temperature rises rapidly and this heat is good for profiles in the inside of the ears and the lips. When the body temperature rises to 42 degrees to change the proteins in the blood and the blood cell structures in such a way that it becomes thick and viscous, and therefore can not be properly pumped by the heart. Dogs will go into a coma and finally death.

How do you recognize overheating?
Besides strong panting and restlessness are Symptome n include lethargy and vomiting.

What precautions should take an owner ?
A dog owner should not leave in direct sun, but provide enough shady spots in the house, in the garden and during outings. Great walks can be planned out the best in the cool of the morning and late at night . There must always be sufficient cool fresh water. Swimming is good if the dog is willing and able , and if the bathing water is safe.
Walking on asphalt can be best avoided , grass is better. Even sand can be very hot. Dogs that always play and run everywhere must be curbed .

What to do if the dog still overheats ?
Remove the dog directly from the sun or heat. Take him to a cool, shady place . Cover him with wet , cool cloths which are refreshed every five minutes. Give him small sips of water. Take his temperature and see a veterinarian.

What's so bad about letting the car of a dog?
Dogs left in cars with this hot weather is life threatening. The temperature inside the car can rise rapidly in a few minutes . It is not enough oxygen but the temperature , so even with windows ajar your dog within minutes succumbing to the heat in the locked car.

What to do if you find a dog in a car in hot weather ?
If you find a dog in a car threatens to overheat , do not hesitate to take action . If the owner is not around or cannot be located, call as soon as possible the police and the animal ambulance . If nothing lead , you can smash a window to free the dog. An overheated dog needs help as quickly as possible from a veterinarian. In the meantime, please try to cool the animal down as much as possible . This is best done by a wet cloth or towel over the dog, and to keep it wet with ever new cool (but not freezing) water . Do not throw a bucket of cold water suddenly on an overheated dog , it can lead to cardiac arrest !

May strike you as passing a diamond ? (may be a Dutch saying?? or my bad translation)
If it really is a matter of life or death , smashing a window pane can to save the dog are seen as ' fiduciary duties . That is a legal arrangement in which you are acting in the interests of another. Compare for example by closing an open window at the neighbor who is on vacation during extreme rainfall .

What other risks are there in hot weather ?
Be careful during heavy exertion such as playing or behind the ball running. This can also lead to problems. Biking in the summer is a risk . The dog must have a good condition and can cool down regularly (eg swimming) . Moreover, the distance should not be too large . Do not go on a beautiful summer day lengthy cycling with your dog if you would never do normally . If your dog is accustomed to walking alongside the bike , go in the morning or evening , not at midday .

There are dogs with extra risk?
Old dogs and puppies , like old people and children extra care and attention during hot days. For them, even more so than for healthy adult dogs you she keeps a close eye and all precautionary friends to help look after them .
Dogs with very short noses such as the French and English Bulldogs, Pugs and Boxers run significantly more risk of overheating problems. By their unnatural physique they are extra
vulnerable in this hot weather.

What the Dog Protection ?
Volunteers Dog Protecting go in the summer on the road to alert dog owners to the dangers of hot weather for dogs.

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