Dogs left tied up outside shops

Dogs left tied up outside shops

There have been more cases where humans leave us tied up outside shops etc.

Despite current statistics of five dogs being lost or stolen every day, and that does not include the ones that never get reported, humans are still taking us to shops and leaving us tied up outside. 

The use the excuse 'I will only be 2 minute' at 'I just quickly popped in'.

How long do these humans think it will take for us to get upset. Not to mention the risks of being lost/stolen, injured, attacked or even worse get so frightened or stressed that we lash out at a passer by.

Please remind your humans that if they are thinking of visiting a shop when they take you with them they need to only visit shops we can go in too, be with another human that can stay outside with us or even better still...do their shopping when we are not out with them.

Humans just don't get it despite reminders throughout the general press and social media.

So, with permission from Foul Mouthed fido, I have been given permission to post one of his drawings to highlight the issue. Please make sure you show your humans.



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