Going out when it is hot

Safety Tips for going out when it is hot
and advice for possible heatstroke

A few things to remind your humans about when it is hot outside.

General information:
Get them to check the ground where they will be taking you.
If they place the back of their hand on the ground and it feels hot, then it is going to probably burn our paws.

If you still cannot convince them then tell your humans to walk barefoot with you for 5 minutes, they will soon appreciate where they walk you.

Make sure they bring water for you. They need to make sure they do not store it in the backpack or the car where it is in the sunlight or can heat up. There is nothing worse than drinking hot water.
Sun block:
Yes it may sound strange but some of us have light fur or even no fur in places so make sure your humans use animal safe sun block. They may prefer looking like lobsters but we don't. 

If heatstroke is suspected:
If your human suspects you are suffering from heatstroke get them to seek advice from a vet.
Some animals are more prone to getting affected by the heat. Animals with long/thick coats, young, old or ill,  short or 'flat faced', any animal on medication.

Warning signs of heatstroke:
- panting heavily
- drooling excessively
- lethargic, drowsy or uncoordinated
- collapsed or vomiting

Gradually reducing our temperature:
Get your human to:
- move you to a shaded area
- cool you with damp towels - not freezing cold water as it may shock you and make things worse.
- use a cooling fan - preferably one that turns so that the cold air is not constantly on you.
- make sure water is available but do not drink loads at once.


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