Alice in Wooferland - Rainbow Bridge

Alice In Wooferland 01/07/2005 – 22-12-2017
aged 12 yeers, 4 munfs an 22 dayz

Mine darling frends. Mine werk heer on eerf iz ovva.
Dis day I be gettin a summons from de gud dog in de heabens an he be needin mine help.
Dere iz much werk to be dun seein oll mine frends an fambily hoo did go ovva be bridge befour me. I can no longa be wolkin so I muss grow mine wings.
I wuld like to be fankin yoo fur larfin an cryin wiff me an ur support ovva de yeers particularly durin dis difficult time. Pleese be selebratin oll de gud times we did haff. It be much werse fur dose we leafe behind.
Mumsie an farvva haff follen into a big blak abiss an I dont nose wen dey will evva be climin owt ov it. Mumsie be sayin dat ebery-wear she looks she sees an feels me but cannot be finding me. I did try to leafe her hart in won peace but I had to be takin sum ov it wiff me fur mine long jerney. I be tellin her dat we cannot be heer fur-evva no matta how much luv we haff to be sharin. I be arskin won fing ov mine werldy fambily, juss pleese dont be furgettin me.

I will be leevin yoo wiff dis pawm I be ritin in de memmory ov oll houndies hoo haff crossed de bridge, witch now inkludes me.
DE STARS IN DE HEABENS - A pawm by Alice In Wooferland
If yoo look up at de heavens on dis sad nite
Yoo will see dat de lites are partikularly brite
Dere ar new shootin stars crossin the skies
Houndies be runnin an playin until sunrise
Wen de day brakes dey will be at rest
Be happy fur them coz now dey ar now blessed
De End

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