Samson - Rainbow Bridge

The first i knew of my beloved Ziva was when her mummy told her story. Ziva had a bad start, she was a puppy mill breeding girl. she was forced to have litter after litter of pups just for human greed before she was rescued while still pregnant at a young age. her last litter was known as the rainbow litter, and a special litter they were, all born with love hearts on their tails. im lucky to know some of these pups through the rescue world.
When i first saw Ziva, i fell in love instantly, she had the most mesmerising amber eyes ever seen, and a permanent smile on her beautiful face. She was now the most fluffiest malamute in the world. Our fundraising charity all took her into their hearts, and we couldnt get enough of her.
The sad news that she had canine cancer came as a huge shock to us all, this most beautiful of girls had so much still to give. We laughed over her voracious appetite, she even chewed her way into the treat cupboard to get what she wanted, and her beauty grew and grew. We thought she was going to beat this so much, we wanted her to beat it. Why should this beautiful girl have to carry on suffering because of her life in the puppy mill, the lack of proper vet treatment had caused this to happen.
Her mummy had a bucket list of things she wanted for Ziva, and one was to get married, and i was the lucky one. We had an online wedding that raised a whole lot of money for canine cancer research, Zivas fave colour was purple and that was the theme of the wedding. When i saw her in her finery i was the proudest doggy in the world, lucky me was marrying the most beautiful girl in the world. Everyone still talks about our wedding.
this was in October, and by Novemeber we knew that the cancer was winning, our girl was slipping away from us, and after an early December christmas to make sure she had the bestest one ever, Ziva slipped away mid December 2015
i miss my beautiful girl so much, Ziva my love RIP

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