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There are very few articles about the health benefits we provide to humans.
So here a few I know about.

Humans never really suffer from loneliness when we are around.

Any time they try to sit down we are always nearby to jump up on their knee or snuggle up beside them.

When they try to go to the bathroom, we will always shout through the door or constantly scratch at it with our paws to let them know we are there and they are not alone.

Even at bed time we race to their bed to ensure they do not end the day alone

Healthy Eating:
Now humans are not really known for their healthy eating, but we always help out by making sure they let us taste a bit of absolutely everything they eat. Even if it means sitting in front of them while they eat.
Sometimes drooling speeds up the sharing process.

Weight management:
Over time it is possible for humans to gain a few pounds so it our duty to ensure that does not happen.

We have to keep a healthy fitness routine and help clear away any tempting food that would risk them gaining weight.

We help by eating everything left lying around so that is not a temptation to our humans.

They sometimes start the jumpy up and down dance, but we know in reality they are pleased we are there for them.

We all know exercise is a very important part to weight management and we have developed many different methods to ensure our humans get enough exercise each day.

It starts in the morning where we make sure our humans do not laze about in their bed all day so we wake them at about 4am to make sure they don’t.

We always get our humans to play open and close the door several (million) times throughout the day .

Singing our ‘we want a walk’ songs to encourage our humans to go for a walk always makes them so happy.

If they have sat down for too long we give them our toys to play with or jump up beside them and shove them off the seat to they have to go and do something.

Watching television is a big distraction from exercise so we chew the remotes to stop he humans from being able to watch them.

Humans always grumble at doing housework so we have mastered the art of minimalistic living to help them.

If you go to a house of a human that does not have dogs you will always see loads of fragile looking ornaments that require hours and hours of dusting.

We don’t have things like that in our houses or if we do, a quick swipe of our tail or aimed throw of our toys will get rid of them, therefore saving our humans hours of unnecessary dusting.

Excessive quantities of furniture are disposed of by us chewing them until they are thrown away by the humans.

We look for areas of dirt the humans cannot see and mark them with shredded paper or old toy stuffing to make sure they can see and clear it up.

Humans sometimes get really sad when letters are posted through the door, so to help our humans avoid this we shred it all as it is delivered.
They sometimes get sad reading newspapers and magazines so we shred those too.
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