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These are the rules for all users to follow so that everyone can continue to enjoy using this forum.
If you have any questions or concerns then please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1.) I reserve the right to remove any post without notice. This is to try to keep the concept of this forum in place.

2.) Do not post any upsetting, threatening, argumentative comments or any comments that can be considered just rude or not within the context of this forum's ideals or concept.

3.) I am very happy or everyone to post comments or (friendly) debtes, however if I think the discussion is a veilled attempt to advertise, solicit for money or just agitate other users into an argument then I reserve the right to delete it without warning.

4.) I do not endorse, agree or vouch for the accuracy of anything posted . Any advice requested or given by users must be taken as a social chat and not replace any professional advice. Such as veterinary / medical / behavourist / training advice.

5.) Try to remember this is a forum and your post can be seen by others, so please remember that when posting.

6.) You are responsible for your comments and any refusal to adhere to rule 3 may result in your permanant removal from the forum. This forum is for everyone to enjoy, if you are just out to agitate then please find another forum / social media that will be happy to entertain your behaviour.

7.) Do not post anything in the forum that is subject to copyright unless you can confirm you are the copyright owner.

8.) As this I intend this site to be family friendly I do not want any posts of animal abuse / neglect. You need to remember I am a rescued dog... I lived it, so I don't need to see it agin.

9.) All site rules can be edited / added to without warning as things may occur that I hadn't considered before posting the rules.
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