Exercise your Human Game

4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 4 weeks ago #6090 by Tigger
Exercise your Human Game was created by Tigger
Exercise your human:

The objective of this game is to ensure your human get plenty of exercise.
You can do this in a variety of ways.
If you are at home with your human you can act like you hear something so that they go to investigate.
You can surround them with toys so they play with you.
You can take them on a longer walk than normal.
Or you can refuse to move so that they have to try and carry you home.

Keep mixing up these ideas so your human does not get bored.
You can try a few of your own, let me know how they work out.
Your human will be grateful the next time they step on the crying machine.
See how many score points you can get in a day/week and share your score with your furpals.

Getting human to throw toys for you 10 points
Investigating the house - 50 points
Extra walks - 100 points
Getting carried home—500 points
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