Site Rules - Advertising

5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #94 by Tigger
Site Rules - Advertising was created by Tigger
Advertising can be posted with my permission.
Anyone wishing to post an advert must be animal related.

Rules for Adverts:
1) All adverts must have the permission of the content owner.

2) All adverts must be animal related.

3) Do not multi post the same advert in several different areas of the forum.

4) Do not add fake reviews to get your advert to the top of the adverts list as I will separate out adverts to make it easy for everyone to read/post if I feel it is necessary.

5) Do not in any way post/advertise anything offensive / illegal / potentially illegal. I reserve the right to totally ban anyone for breaking this rule. I intend this site to be family friendly and do not wish for anyone to be offended.

6) Unfortunately to ensure that this site remains family friendly and free from offense / conflict I request that any adverts that are on subjects that could inflame an argument must be refused. This is why I ask you get permission to post from me first.

7) Absolutely in no way are posts requesting money acceptable as I have no way of confirming the alleged recipient of the money will be receiving it.

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