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iClean Dog Wash:
The Netherlands
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iClean International is the producer of the most advanced Dog Wash in the World: the iClean Dog Wash.
The iClean Dog Wash is an offspring of the original Dog Wash from Australia, of which hundreds are already operating worldwide.
iClean International has improved and redesigned the original Dog Wash and updated it with quality components and an 11 inch touch-screen (iPad size) with all lot of extra functionality.
The iClean Dog Wash was engineered and designed for durability and maximum customer experience. The iClean Dog Wash is built with the best components available. No concessions are made. 

All of our self-serve dog washes can be equipped with a coin validator, banknote reader and Nayax payment terminal (For mobile payment, chip/ regular credit cards and NFC cards).
Each dog wash is configured to accommodate the currency of the country it is shipped to. They can also be programmed to accept tokens.

We have over 1000 iClean dog washes worldwide. 

Sander Hofmans
iClean International B.V. Ambachtstraat 46,  5804 CD Venray. The Netherlands
Tel: 0031 478 51 79 79 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Website: www.icleandogwash.com 


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