Tooning for North Clwyd Animal Rescue
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Hi, my name is Michelle,

I created my website to help raise awareness and raise money for North Clwyd Animal Rescue - NCAR.
They do great work helping unwanted, abused and abandoned pets, finding them new homes with loving families.

I was introduced to NCAR when I was looking for a new pet dog.
My family and I visited the centre where we first met Stars, our beautiful, happy staffy.
We fell in love with her instantly. Since then we have added to our collection from NCAR with four kittens and cats.

I found that I could combine my love of animals, sense of humour and a background in cartooning to help support NCAR.
I first started by ‘tooning’ my own pets and posting them on social media and soon had friends requesting that I toon their pets too.

You will also see lots of toons of Winston our slightly overweight pug.

It gave me the idea to use this as a means of helping NCAR.

Things have snowballed from there and I now have a regular stream of requests to toon people’s pets.
I really do enjoy learning of their characters and turning this into a toon.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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