Waggers Delight
Portchester - Hampshire

Dog walking 
Home visits

Additional Information: 
Waggers Delight will collect your dog(s) from agreed locations on agreed days and times and walk them for 1 hour.
On return we dry them off if they are wet and ensure they are settled before we leave.
We check they have access to plenty of water before we leave.

We can walk up to 4 dogs at a time but solo walks can be offered if you think your dog would benefit more from this.
Different dogs may require shorted walks which can be offered by request.

Here at Waggers Delight we do offer a meet and greet which gives you and us the chance to meet face to face and us the chance to meet your dog(s).
It also involves going through some paperwork and can also include a trial walk with you and your dog so we can see how your dogs walk and behave while out.
The meet, greet and trial walk is free of charge.

Contact Details:
Phone: 07554297821
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.waggersdelight.co.uk



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