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The Keel Row
, NE25 0QG
Foremans Row, Seaton Delaval 
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About us:
The Keel Row is a family (and dog) friendly pub and restaurant.
There is a large car park with plenty of parking.
With a 72 seat conservatory restaurant which offers a full a la carte menu with dishes from around the world, it is renowned for its home cooked food.
We offer a wide choice of beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.
There is a function room that is available to hire (Free) for all events including weddings, christenings, baby showers and parties.

Services available:
Large free carpark
Breakfast, lunch & Dinner
Coffee & Drinks
Walk in booking welcome
Table Service
Outdoor Seating
Live music evenings
Room Hire

Facilities for Dogs:
Water bowls are available.
Dogs are allowed outside and in the bar area where food/meals can also served.

Tel: 0191 237 0060
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.thekeelrow.com 

Review from: Tigger
Now there are dog friendly pubs and there are dog friendly pubs, I can definitely say it was the warmest welcome I have ever received. 
I started by tweeting a pawty request for my pals and humans, 9 hounds and 6 humans, which was received and organised with no fuss or requests to speak to my human. 

We arrived and with a lot of pubs we were expecting a lot of juggling around to get all my pals settled around a table. This would be no mean feat as there were 3 greyhounds 3 whippets, 2 lurchers and 1 podenco. 
I did not expect the welcome that we received. First of all a whole section of the lounge area was set aside for us so that we had plenty of room to stretch out and a makeshift barricade of chairs were set out to ensure no one disturbed us...plus it almost stopped any of us wandering around the rest of the pub.
Although one of us did nearly make it to the kitchen, their name has been withheld to save them from embarrassment BOL!

Even when staff realised that some of would rather sit on the long seats instead of the floor they rushed over, not to shoo us off the seats, but with arms full of bedding and blankets that had been cut to fit on the seats.
They did not realise such big hounds would want to be up on the seats.
How pawsome was that for customer service.

Staff popped over for cuddles and fussing too, which was also great.

Although food is not provided for us a whole tub of treats and a huge bowl of water was brought over. Plus our humans are well trained at sharing meals with us.
The humans said the food was delicious with generous portions and the cost was very reasonable.
Everyone ate well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I would definitely recommend The Keel Row as a place to visit with your humans. Remind them to take your travel bowl so you can help them with their food.

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