Greyhound Cleyhounds

Greyhound Cleyhounds

 About us:

Greyhound Cleyhounds was born in December 2012.
Greyhound Cleyhounds was born when someone was disappointed that they did not win a greyhound ornament I donated to Greyhound Pets of America, Daytona Beach Chapter in December 2012.

Not wanting a greyhound lover to be disappointed three Christmas ornaments featuring her precious pups were created.....Suddenly I had several orders! An idea was born!
That is how the shop came to be.
It is a place where people can come and easily buy greyhound and other sight hound inspired creations.
It is a place the knowledge there are greyhounds and galgos in need is never forgotten.

Frequent item donations are made to many groups.
If you are purchasing something to donate to your local group, please let me know who that is and you may find a free gift for fund raising in your package.

Contact us:
Phone: (386) 259-8222
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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