Flea & Tick Repellent -100ml  £7.00

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The 100% natural alternative to harsh chemical bug repellents!
We all love to get our dogs outside with woodland walks and summer outings.
Be prepared for fleas & help repel ticks, annoying flies and pests with this skin nourishing and uplifting scented Repel & Protect organic spray.
Travel and bag friendly, in a handy size spray, perfect for on-the-go protection.
The formulation is free from any harsh chemicals and nasties and embellished with only nourishing, skin soothing ingredients and organic essential oils.
Lavender, geranium and eucalyptus work in unison to help shield your dog from insects with additional calming benefits which promotes overall wellbeing for your dog’s health and happiness!

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Product Information
Pleasant calming scent                                
Helps repel insects
Boosts immunity                                          
Prevents bacterial growth
Skin soothing                                                 
Promotes healing
Gentle disinfectant
Minimizes inflammation
Coat deodorizer

Take anywhere spray!



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