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Newspaper & Treats - £ 2.50

Get your paws on your very own Tigger Club Newspaper.
Have it delivered every month.
From £1.50 (including p&p)

Newspaper only - £1.50 per month (inc. p&p)

Newspaper and a 25g bag of treats - £2.50 per month (inc p&p)
- Treats flavours will be randomly selected each month


1. Only available in the UK
2. You set up a standing order/regular payment so that you are in control and can cancel at any time.
3. Your first month will be for 2 month's subscription so that you will always be one month ahead. You will receive the issue after the month you cancelled.
4. You can upgrade/downgrade or pause your subscription by contacting me.
5. T&Cs can be updated from time to time without notice.

To place an order contact me: CONTACT TIGGER 

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