Healthy Hound Playground
Rockville, Maryland USA

Dog day care
Boarding kennel

Additional Information:
Healthy Hound Playground provide a continuous 12 hours of daily cage free doggie day care.
Outdoor potty breaks are provided to all daycare and boarding guests throughout the day at no extra cost.
Healthy Hound Playground also has 24/7 on site staff in order to monitor the safety and health of all its guests, even when they have moved from daycare to their private sleeping quarters for the night.
Owners are allowed to pack their dog’s favorite bed, blanket, toys and treats. For dogs that don't bring their own comforts from home, they are provided with elevated canine cots for extra comfort and lower stress.

Healthy Hound Playground employs an Animal Behaviorist that is responsible for staff training and overall dog safety. This helps to ensure that their guests are able to run, play, and socialize in a safe and structured environment.
During a typical day of daycare, all dogs spend their time 100% cage-free in one of three expansive daycare rooms, totally about 3,800 square feet. These rooms have cushioned rubber matting to minimize joint fatigue and provide sure footing to alleviate joint trauma that can occur if a dog slips and falls on a slippery concrete surface.

For the evening, we offer dogs large individual canine cottages complete with even thicker cushioned rubber matting and elevated canine cots to sleep away their day of play. Owners are encouraged to bring their own beds, blankets, toys and treats with them as well to ensure their dogs get the maximum level of comfort while away from home, and minimize any anxiety as much as possible. They currently have about 55 canine cottages, all 4 feet by 6 feet and larger. For pups that feel more comfortable in smaller quarters, They have an additional 30 large semi-permanent crates.

While most dogs that visit are able to enjoy group play, occasionally pups visit that are unable to attend these sessions, or pups that simply need a little something extra to burn off their energy. These dogs get access to a walk or run on their doggy treadmill customized to each individual dog's strength and stamina.

Contact Details:
1 Taft Court, Suite 101 Rockville, MD 20850


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